Yoga Private Sessions in Hood River, Oregon

Welcome to my home yoga studio!

Yoga Wellspring in Hood River, Oregon

Yoga Wellspring offers private yoga sessions from my home studio in Hood River, Oregon. You can visit in person in Hood River or virtually by Zoom.

All classes are facilitated personally by me, Bonnie Walker, M.Ed., Certified Yoga Teacher, and owner of Yoga Wellspring, LLC. I am highly trained in the use of props and modifying yoga to accommodate a variety of physical and learning abilities. To learn more about my training and qualifications, please see “About Bonnie”.

All private sessions are custom tailored to your interests and needs and can include: yoga asana (yoga poses), use of props, chair yoga, meditation, breath work, philosophy & ethics, chanting & mantra, Sanskrit, and yoga social justice.

Why Choose Private Yoga Classes?

Privates are a great option for when you:

  • Are new to yoga and feel overwhelmed by group classes
  • Taken a hiatus from yoga, want to get started again, but aren’t sure where to start
  • Are coming back from an injury or illness and need more time and space to resume your yoga practice than group classes can afford you
  • You have a specific body issue, learning goal, or want to deepen in yoga in a way that specific to you that just cannot be addressed in the group class format
  • You like personalized attention

Aren’t Privates Expensive?

At commercial studios, yes. Since I am an independent yoga teacher and teach from my “yoga room” at my house, I can offer all yoga services on a sliding scale basis. The suggested investment for private sessions is $90 per private session, up to 75 minutes for one person. If cost is an issue for you, please see the Yoga Class Sliding Scale Guidance and get in touch with me.

Since I only have enough room to offer privates and semi-privates at my home, if we have the right fit as fellow yoga practitioners, then I do not want cost to be a barrier for you.

What To Expect

Our initial practice session can include: chanting and mantra, meditation, asana (yoga poses), relaxation, and breath work. This session will be custom designed for you based on your goals and will serve as our building block for future sessions. We may not get to everything in one session, but this will set us up to get there in the amount of time we decide to actively work together.

To get started, please contact me by cell/text/What’s App at +1 541.788.0725, by email at Alternatively, if you are not ready to contact me directly yet, you can join the Yoga Wellspring email newsletter or register for online services including Zoom Office Hours & Practice and the Yoga Wellspring online library (click here to register!).

I look forward to practicing with you!

Important Disclaimer: Yoga is not intended to replace the care of a licensed health professional. Please check with, and get clearance from, a licensed health professional before practicing yoga.