Yoga Wellspring, LLC Informed Consent Policies

Yoga Wellspring’s goal is to provide a welcoming environment where everyone feels safe to explore all facets of a yoga practice, as well as social justice advocacy. To that end, Yoga Wellspring created the following policies as a framework for everyone who interacts with Yoga Wellspring including the Yoga Wellspring owner, associated yoga teachers, yoga students, social justice advocates, and nonprofit organizations. Yoga Wellspring, LLC is owned and operated by Bonnie Walker, an independent, certified yoga teacher and social justice advocate located geographically in Hood River, Oregon, USA.

Scope of Yoga Practice

  • Yoga is not meant to replace care from a licensed healthcare professional
  • If you are currently under the care of a healthcare professional, please get clearance from them to practice yoga. Be specific that you intend to include meditation and breath work, in addition to yoga asana. If you plan to participate in inversions and/or rope wall, be sure to mention that to your health care practitioner as well
  • Yoga Wellspring, LLC will not:
    • give medical advice
    • recommend treatment
    • diagnose a condition
    • use catastrophizing launguage, nor will we
    • suggest that a student disregard medical advice
  • Yoga Wellspring, LLC will refer students to medical doctors or complementary licensed professionals when appropriate

Inclusion & Anti-Discrimination Statement

Yoga Wellspring, LLC welcomes all students regardless of age, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity and perceived gender expression), pronouns, sexual orientation, color, race, national origin, marital status, parental status, veteran’s status, religion, or physical or mental disability (provided that the teacher has appropriate expertise). In the case of physical or mental disability, if we do not have sufficient qualifications or accommodations to work with a specific disability, we will refer to a psychologist, physiotherapist or yoga therapist, or qualified healthcare practitioner.

Informed Consent, Trauma Sensitivity & Abuse Prevention Statement

  • Yoga is about as safe as / has about same risk level as most other physical activities such as walking, dancing, running, working out at the gym, and group exercise classes
  • In a Yoga Wellspring asana class, you should apply the same amount of precaution and engagement as you would when taking a brisk walk or going for a light jog
  • Inversions and rope wall carry an elevated level of risk, more akin to gravity sports or gymnastics. You should be in good physical condition or have clearance from a qualified healthcare practitioner, and have sufficient training and knowledge to practice safely, before practicing inversions or using the rope wall
  • We recognize that the teacher-student relationship involves a power imbalance. Yoga Wellspring believes that a successful yoga teacher-student relationship is based on trust and open communication
  • In Yoga Wellspring yoga classes, everything is offered as an invitation; you may accept instruction, adjustments, or not, at your discretion for what is right for you, your body, your mind, your spirit, at a specific moment in time
  • Students may ask for an asana modification or alternate pose, or modification to a meditation, mindfulness or pranayama (breathwork) practice at any time. Students may decide to accept or not accept the offered modification
  • Accepting an instruction, modification, or adjustment at any one point in time does not imply perpetual consent. Consent must be asked for and given at each class or session, and even from pose to pose and change in type of activity
  • Yoga Wellspring has a zero tolerance policy for bullying, abusive, and harassing behavior of any kind, by anyone in the Yoga Wellspring community, towards anyone in the Yoga Wellspring community
  • Furthermore, discrimination, harassment, and assault already have legal definitions and are prohibited in various situations and to varying degrees in Oregon and the United States. You may have legal rights to redress if you believe you have experienced any of these at Yoga Wellspring, or any other yoga studio, or with any yoga teacher

Grievance Policy

If you believe that Yoga Wellspring, or its associates, or another student, have acted in a way contrary to any of the statements on this page, please contact or +1 541.788.0725. You can ask for our mailing address if you prefer to not use email or phone/text.

If you do not feel comfortable contacting Yoga Wellspring directly, you can use the following outside resources instead of, or in addition to, contacting Yoga Wellspring:

Note: If you are currently experiencing abuse (verbal, physical, psychological, sexual or other) by a yoga teacher, yoga studio or other spiritual community, and need help, please contact someone you can trust who is geographically close to you. General examples can include a friend, neighbor or family member. In the United States you might contact a licensed psychologist or social worker, Adult Protective Services, Child Protective Services, your county health department or even the police if you are in immediate danger of being harmed. Abusive yoga teachers, studios, and even entire methods of yoga, are a serious issue that needs to be brought into the light. In the meantime, keep yourself safe. In the United States, you can visit the website for resources and hotline numbers.