What is Yoga Wellspring?

Did you know that ‘yoga’ means to yoke or Union of the mind, body and spirit? 

So, then, what is Yoga Wellspring? 

A wellspring is a source of abundance! 

I wanted a name that reflected that my professional services for nonprofit organizations are rooted in the eight limbs of yoga and that reflected the abundance of combining all of my capabilities into an organization that advocates for social justice. 

That’s why I founded Yoga Wellspring – to work in the intersection of yoga and social justice. 

Yoga Wellspring provides grant writing, financial consulting and full stack WordPress web services to nonprofits and other social justice organizations. 

And we offer free and sliding scale yoga classes, workshops and events to the public. 

That’s a lot, so you usually will see me posting about one of those at a time, but I also wanted to take a moment from time to time to talk about Yoga Wellspring as a whole entity! 

To learn more about Yoga Wellspring’s professional services, please visit yogawellspring.com. 

Thanks & Bye for now!