Vinyasa Killed Yoga

I decided to try to rebuild my yoga teaching credential in 2023. But, lately, I’ve been feeling stuck between the “Gurus Killed Yoga” and “Vinyasa Killed Yoga” episodes of “Yoga is Dead Podcast.” In one training that I ended up quitting within a week, I overhead a Yoga Teacher Trainer telling a group of aspiring yoga teachers something to the effect of “you are going to need wrist braces to be a yoga teacher.” I could barely stop myself from blurting out “Maybe try changing they way you practice??!!”. Vinyasa is only one way or style of practicing among hundreds, if not thousands.

From Yoga is Dead Podcast | “In this episode, we discuss the history and evolution of the vinyasa practice and issues of accessibility, yoga injuries, and a culture of athleticism. We touch on concepts of vinyasa, surya namaskar, tapas, modern postural yoga and the evolution of asana. We discuss certain popular yoga gimmicks and debunk the theory that no yoga is authentic. We share our personal stories and preferred methods for practicing and teaching. We pitch the importance of yoga & community and we wrap the episode with guidelines and tips for practicing vinyasa in an inclusive and accessible way.” Listen to the full episode here or read the transcript.