Saucha: Clearing Out What Does Not Serve You

Saucha (ब्रह्मचर्य) means cleanliness & purity. Hello & Welcome! Today’s dharma talk is on the first Niyama, saucha. Saucha applies to how we maintain cleanliness in our physical body, in our surroundings, and it also applies to how we work with our thoughts and emotions. In particular, practicing saucha helps us release the unhelpful thoughts and habits that get in the way of living life with presence, integrity and purpose. 

Our own inner talk can be pretty rough sometimes. If you find that you are being highly critical of yourself, take a moment to notice those thoughts, acknowledge them, and then think about how to replace challenging thoughts with supportive ones.

By clearing out what no longer serves you, you can focus on connecting with the purity of your own soul.