My Yoga Thing

My Yoga Thing
Image by Alexa from Pixabay

October 13, 2020: I’ve started practicing yoga again. It was harder to get back on the mat than I thought. I decided to take a hiatus from practicing yoga after I left a high-demand yoga community and ended up leaving teaching yoga altogether during the Coronavirus Shutdown. I just didn’t want to have to practice yoga anymore.

Rotating Femurs

Over the summer, I started having weird body aches and pains. I went to my chiropractor and, after she rotated my femur back into place (no idea how that it got rotated out!), my chiropractor told me:

“I need you to do your yoga thing.”

“My yoga thing?”



I had no idea what that was anymore! I had completely blocked it out!

I looked around for suggestions from other survivors or trauma informed trainings, but they were all super vague.

Plus, I still didn’t want to practice yoga. So maybe I was reading all of those suggestions with my “yoga is dumb and I don’t want to do it” filter (which, I guess I need to drop that filter anymore. 😆)

When my hip / thigh / knee thing started acting up again and all of the free weight exercises and cardio workouts I could conjure up were doing nothing but aggravating it, I finally, begrudgingly, admitted to myself that I had to figure out my Yoga Thing.

I decided to just make it fun. Yoga should be fun. No judging. I told the voices in my head to get lost. If you don’t have yoga voices inside your head — great! That is normal. If you’ve practiced in a high-demand method for any amount of time, then you most likely have yoga voices inside your head. Feel free to give them an eviction notice!

First, I did “kids yoga” poses. Rolled around on the floor. Unrolled my mat and said “hello, can we be friends again?”. Then I sat on the floor, stuck my tongue out of my mouth, crossed my eyes and ROARED! I did it again and again until I was laughing and rolling on the ground again anyway. If you are having trouble resuming your yoga practice, I highly recommend Lions Pose!

Then I gave myself permission to “just” do 20 minutes of yoga. In fact, I forbade myself from practicing any longer than 20 minutes. And I ended up practicing for about an hour.

I jotted down a quick sequence of poses that are helping the errant femur bone stay put and that is my yoga practice. For now.

I still need to roll around on the floor and roar from time to time!