How To Embed Videos from your Gdrive On Your Website

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Storing and sharing files on Google Drive (or Google Workspace) is great. But what if you want to share a video you store on your Google Drive by embedding it on your website? There isn’t an obvious way to do this, but have no fear that your friendly Yoga Wellspring CXO figured it out!

If you upload or store a video on your Google Drive, you can embed it on a web page as follows:

  1. First, make sure the sharing settings for the video file are “anyone with link can view”*
  2. Then, copy the share link*
  3. Edit the link as follows:
    • If the Share Link you copied from Google is:
    • First, copy it into a text editor like Notes or TextEdit
    • Remove everything after the last forward slash:
    • Add the word “preview” in lower case to the end:
    • If you are using the Yoga Wellspring Library plugin for WordPress, you can enter this URL into the Add or Edit Library Element form.
    • If you are embedding the link on your website, you need to use “iframe” code:
<iframe src="" allowfullscreen width="640" height="360"></iframe>

This code renders as:

The default iframe preview is small (default is 300w x 150h), so you can try 640×360 for a starting point. If that doesn’t work (eg: the video is distorted), then you need to know the aspect ratio of the original video to resize the preview. Yoga Wellspring can help you with this!

*Please see Google Drive Help if you do not know how to do these things already:

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photo credit: Christina Morillo