What Is A Grant Funding Strategy?

Before preparing grant applications, we need to know which grants to pursue.

Grant Funding Strategies by Yoga Wellspring

There are thousands of funders and funding opportunities out there, but only a select handful really have a good chance of being the right fit for your project and nonprofit organization.

More than just prospecting or research, a funding strategy specifies which grants to apply for, the potential value of the funding opportunities included in the strategy, and information about each funder’s giving history and giving levels to help determine if there is a good chance of success.

A funding strategy helps mitigate the risks involved in grant writing by identifying our best chance of success up front. It also prevents us from chasing grants haphazardly and allows us to focus on actions that align with your organization’s long-term vision.

Yoga Wellspring believes this stage of the grant writing process is important in order to prioritize funding opportunities based on data. Not emotions. Not solely because a grant has a quickly approaching deadline.

We work with your team to transform a prospecting list into a project funding strategy. Once we have developed your funding strategy, you are welcome to continue to work with Yoga Wellspring to write the grants, or you can implement your funding strategy yourselves.

If you are interested in developing a funding strategy for your nonprofit project, get in touch with Yoga Wellspring today! Cell/text: 541-788-0725 or hello@yogawellspring.com