Do You Like To Study?

Do you like to study? The fourth Niyama, Svadhyaya (स्वाध्याय) is the study of ancient or sacred texts (from any belief system), accompanied by self-reflection. This is one of my favorites because yes, I do like to study!

Svadhyaya is a practice of getting to know ourselves better and an invitation to challenge our biases and habits.

If it seems like meditation isn’t your thing, how about meditation and journaling? (As luck would have it, my friend Nicole from Snapdragon Yoga and I are offering a meditation and journaling session at the end of April, so there will be more about that soon!)

In terms of practicing asana, you can practice svadhyaya while you practice asana by being curious about:

how can I relax more? How can I recharge more? 

How do I respond when feeling challenged?

how can I rest more deeply?

And then also journal about it! Enjoy the studying!