Build Back Better?

For the past three years or so, I’ve spent a lot of time avoiding my mat and being really angry about everything that has anything to do with yoga. During a recent walking meditation, I realized it was mostly to my own neglect and detriment and not really productive or helping anyone.

A turning point for me came while I was looking for places to make pilgrimages to as part of the Yoga Class Curator program. In my research, I came across a former colleague and I could feel my blood pressure rising as I was reading over her bio. I exclaimed (out loud, literally) “she has all of those fancy ‘advanced’, ‘experienced’ credentials at the expense of everyone who suffered abuse in that method!”.

Then, a total calmness washed over me and I realized, that is true, and as much as I have resisted and eschewed the idea of “starting over from scratch” another way to look at it, is that I have the opportunity to create a new “credential” for myself that is renewed and recentered, that addresses the historic colonozation and modern day abuses that plague yoga without appropriating it or using (or ignoring) other people’s suffering for my own benefit.

I am ok with speaking out being the end of my Iyengar tenure, but I’m not ok with that being the end of my yoga journey. I’ve accepted that I probably do need to “start over again” in order to get back in the system. It’s not a fantastic system, but I think it’s going to be easier to make a bigger difference from within, than constantly crying out against it.

So, in typical Bonnie fashion, I didn’t just sign up for one yoga teacher training, I signed up for four! It didn’t take long before I had to admit that I didn’t need and couldn’t keep up with all four. However, it’s going to be a while before I am done with the ones I decided to stick with, and so there will be a little bit of suspense until I am completely done!

Progress Report!

  • Completed June 23, 2023: Yoga Renew Online 200 Hours Teacher Training
    • This was a really nice review after taking the entire pandemic off from teaching. It has also established my credential with Janus, I mean, Yoga Alliance. I will get to that another time. I am waiting for some other cards to fall in place first.
  • Registered with Yoga Alliance, June 2023
    • It cracks me up having more like 1,000 hours of teacher training and being listed as a 200 hour level teacher. It really goes to show how yoga credentials do not matter.
    • I don’t know how long this “alliance” between me and Yoga Alliance is going to last, so check it out before I pull the plug!