Aparigraha Dharma Talk

Aparigraha or non hoarding is the fifth yama. Hello & Welcome! Continuing our dharma talk on the yama and niyama, today we are on the fifth and last yama: Aparigraha. Aparigraha literally means not grasping. It means non-accumulation, and letting go of attachment to what we have, what we crave, and the results of our actions.

Practicing aparigraha, or nonattachment, when practicing asana is transformational. I greet each pose in the present moment and work on how I am practicing it today, without worrying about how I did it yesterday, or the day before, or last year.  If you are not used to practicing asana with a focus like nonattachment, I suggest a seated or supported practice to give you space to lean into literally not gripping in your poses and without attachment to the results.

How do you practice non attachment and non accumulation in your practice, personal life, career & business?  We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at: hello@yogawellspring