Asteya Dharma Talk

अस्तेयप्र Asteya is typically translated as “not stealing.” Asteya refers to more than just material items like money, goods, or land. Being respectful of other people’s time is a form of asteya.  Running classes and meetings on time is one way to not steal other people’s time.

I have learned that Asteya also has a component of generosity, gratitude, and abundance, including abundance mindset. That is why I chose this background, from Wikimedia on, that illustrates abundance. 

Much like ahimsa where it is not enough to just not do harm, but to also care for yourself and others,, it is not enough to simply not steal. Asteya means being generous with ourselves and others. 

How do generosity, gratitude, and abundance show up in your life? We would love to hear from you at:!

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