Re-Imagining Feedback Processes in a Workplace Environment

From Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) | by Christy da Rosa | Techniques for building relationships and trust among staff to obtain honest feedback in the workplace. “Trauma and toxic stress can influence individuals’ willingness to provide feedback in feedback processes. Workplace culture marked by hostility, fear, or power imbalances can deter individuals from sharing feedback due to concerns about potential repercussions. This issue can be compounded by a history of leadership making big decisions that impact staff without staff input. Institutionalized racism can create an environment where underrepresented individuals feel unheard, or in which previous attempts to give feedback were dismissed, discouraging their engagement in feedback processes. Addressing factors that can lead to retraumatization and toxic stress in the workplace is essential to fostering an atmosphere of safety and inclusivity to encourage meaningful participation in feedback processes.” | Read Full Article Here